In addition to getting email alerts about Cat platforms you use, you can check this drawer of the tool box for the latest information on PartStore and

PartStore Nov 21, 2017 Holiday Parts Delivery Alert

California -  No delivery to drops tomorrow night

Oregon -  No interruption of usual delivery service.

SIS Web Oct 31, 2017 SIS Web Outage: RESOLVED

Resolved: Caterpillar reports all systems are functioning normally

SIS Web Outage

Please be aware, users of Service Information Systems (SIS) Web may be experiencing periods of performance degradation or application/technology unavailability. Support analysts are involved and working on the situation. A final alert will be sent when the issue is resolved. 

We recommend completing a browser refresh

PartStore Oct 10, 2017 Store Closures

Attention Santa Rosa, Willits and Fortuna Customers:

Wildfires in the area are preventing parts deliveries to Santa Rosa, Willits, and Fortuna stores and dropboxes.

PartStore Jun 19, 2017 SIS Web - Need to Refresh

Loss of SIS access in PartStore for Techs - Refresh needed after accepting privacy agreement
Issue this morning with the  losing access to the Order Parts button, Price & Availability after accepting the Cat privacy agreements.
SIS Web Customers please refresh or log out and log back in to get the Order Parts button to reappear. Jun 8, 2017 Caterpillar Outage: RESOLVED

Resolved: Caterpillar reports all systems are functioning normally

Caterpillar is experiencing issues with multiple websites.

This is effecting the customers ability to log in and use the systems.

They may be seeing "invalid user id / password" errors.

Caterpillar is aware and working on the issues. This alert will be updated when we recieve an ETA or the issues are resolved.

PartStore Mar 17, 2017 Planned System Maintenance

The Peterson business system will be down March 18 and 19 for maintenance. We will be unable to receive any online orders during this time.

The system should be restored at approximately 8am on March 20.